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Pilos (Pylos) & Methoni

Pylos: Town population 5402 and the seat of the Pylos Nestoros municipality. The area enjoys a famously favorable climate, with especially mild winters. Historically known under her old name Navarino. The Venetian name was "Zonklon" and the Greek name “Palaiokastro (Old castle)” and later “Neokastro (New Castle)”


Messinia Sailing will tell you about this important archaeological site from Neolithic and Bronze Ages, about Odyssey and Telemachus travelling to Sparta in search of news of his father Odysseus, the Mycenaean “Palace of Homeric King Nestor” found at Ano Englianos dating from 1300 BC. We can arrange to visit King’s Nestor palace and the Hora museum if you wish.
You can give Honor and Glory by visiting all monuments of philhellenes and the heroic sailors of Navarino sea battle in 8/20 October 1827.
We will analyze sea battle tactics, the forces involved, the reasons and their importance for the Greek War of Independence.  Also we will tell you about the history of both castles, from the 4th century B.C. up to the occupation by the Francs, Venetians, Ottomans and French.
Visit to the new castle:, we will walk around its walls and kneel at Franks church of Jesus  Metamorphosis, once used as Mosque by Ottomans.


You will sail with us and see the ship wrecks from the Navarino sea battles, if water is clear enough to allow it.
You will enjoy swimming under the Old Castle at the beautiful Divari, Gialova or Voidokilia beaches.
Gialova wetland is a blessing of nature and one of 10 major lagoons in Greece. It has been classified as one of the important wetlands in Europe. It is the southernmost stopover of birds migrating from the Balkans to Africa, giving shelter to no fewer than two hundred and twenty-five bird species and host for a rare near extinct species such the African chameleon. The observation post of the Greek Ornithological Society allows visitors to find out more and to watch the shallow brackish waters of the lake, you can walk the paths that circle Gialova's different ecosystems.


Methoni village with population of 2632 people (2001), is a part of  the municipality Pylos-Nestoras.  Its name derived from Mothona, a mythical rock. The town is stated by Pausanias as Methoni. It’s also known by the Venetian name Modon or Modona. Methoni is mentioned by Homer as the city "Pidasos Ampeloessa" (from vine leaves). It is one of the cities that Agamemnon offered to Achilles to subdue his rage. 
Messinia Sailing will inform you about Methoni’s history, started from Homer’s Era, it’s independence from Spartans in 369 BC and through to the Roman and Byzantine Ages.


You will learn about its occupation by the Venetians, Ottomans, Venetians of Morozini, Turks and French and about General’s Maizon Expedition.
We will tell you about the landing of Ibrahim Pasha in February 1825. We will guide you around the castle which is considered to be the important middle station on the sea routes to the East.


When the winter winds hit its walls the locals say that you can hear the screams of the prisoners and those unjustly killed in the Bourtzi.
The best time to enjoy Methoni is by sunset from the endless sea and Messinia Sailing as your captain. As the sun set the light of the sun sinking into the Ionian, glides over the large walls crowning them with dull tones. A sweet tranquility dominates everything.  A spectacular image that stays in our guests minds forever. 

The lonely beach of Ammos on Sapientza island awaits you.

On your return onboard you can enjoy a refreshing drink and a terrific BBQ of your choice, accompanied by a glass of ‘full bodied” wine from Pylia’s vineyards with roots up that date back to Homer’s era. Alternatively, you can enjoy amazing seafood and fresh fish  at the pictorial little taverns of Pylos-Gialova or Methoni, discovered by Messinia Sailing just for you.




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