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Navarino Sea Battles

We, in Messinia Sailing we will tell you stories of the three sea battles which took place in the historical bay of Navarino, starting with the 1st one in 425 BC when the Athenians blockaded and surrender to the Spartans. The 2nd sea battle the story of the Greek brig ARIS and her heroic breakout through the Egyptian fleet  in 1825.  At the end we will focus on the sea battle of 8 - 20 October 1827. The last sea battle in sail ship history and the cause of the Greek independence.  And all these through a maritime prism and approach.


You will sail with Messinia Sailing making the round of the historical Bay and over the wreckages of Spartan and Turks-Egyptians-Tunisian enemy ships. When the waters are clear you can see 60 wrecks resting in peace on the sea bottom.
As the wind ripples our sails, you can imagine the broadsides of the heavily armed English, Russian & French war ships. You will listen to the thunderous orders of the three Admirals towards their ships in command, the battle cries of enemies and wounded foreign sailors. We will analyze the formations and the battle tactics for you and make you feel like you took part!


We will tell you about all the historical politic events leading up to the battles as well and after it up until the Greek Independence of 1832 under the London Treaty.
You will learn about the strategic and political views of the Great Powers, the numbers, types and names of the ships involved. The biography, honors and promotions of the three Admirals and their ship’s Captains and also the history of their Flag ships. (The ASIA-SKIPION (Serene)- The AZOV and The WARRIOR). You will learn about philhellenes and their great offers and sacrifice to the Greek War of Independence, and in particular the historical and emotional relations of the Greeks with “Mother Russia”. It is not a coincidence that the Russians have a saying that says “the right hand of God is a Greek”


Our story will start with the Byzantine Empire up to Russian “Greek Plan” with the protagonists Potemkin and the grandson of Ekaterina II (The Great), Konstantin Pavlovits.  We will tell you about the relations of tsars Ivan III, Peter I (The Great), Ekaterina II (The Great), Alexander I, and Nicolai. Of the liberation movement of Orlof , the revolutionary organizations of ‘Music Lovers of Vienna” and the “Friendship Company” (Geteria Friendship) of Odessa, the Kutchuk Kainarji  Treaty which resulted in a strong Greek navy and better commerce between the two countries.


We will talk about the Russian navy in Greek seas and its guerilla fights with Lambros Katsantonis as an Officer and later as its leader, The Iasion Treaty , The prince Ipsilantis, the minister of foreign Affairs of Czar Nikolai, Capodistrias who became the first Greek Governor later on, the relation of St.Petersbourg December Liberators with the Greek War of Independence, the role of Ambassador Stroganoff in the Porte. Also we will learn about the Russian national poet and philhellene Alexander Sergegevits Pushkin, his relation with the Greek revolution and his banishment by Tsar Alexander I, the offers of the Russian church etc.


We will discuss the English-Russian protocol of 4th April 1826 in St.Petrsbourg in which, for first time, “A Greek State” is mentioned. The Treaty of London in 6th July 1827 which constituted the Greek State. The Treaty of Alexandria up to Treaty of Adrianople  which determined the new State borders.
And at the end we will hear about the Bebu Admiral Login Petrovich Geiden (Логин Петрович Гейден).


Greek Authorities with representative officials and war ships from all of the countries involved in the battle give honor to the dead sailors of battle every year on 20th October.


You can also give honor and glory to them by visiting their monuments and the Russian chantry.      


Messinia Sailing can guide you through these stories in Greek-Russian and English.

Honor and Glory to all of you by Messinia Sailing!  Your memory is everlasting! Thank you!



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