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The Seas of Messinia

the seas of messinia

The Seas of Messinia

the seas of messinia

The Seas of Messinia

the seas of messinia

The Seas of Messinia

the seas of messinia

The Seas of Messinia

the seas of messinia

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The Seas of Messinia

Caretta-Caretta sea turtle (loggerhead turtle) is the only species of Mediterranean sea-turtles that nest in Messinia and Greece. Sea turtles are reputed to be strongly home-loving, and always return to the same beach where they were born to lay their eggs.


Nesting beaches in Greece are mainly located in Zakynthos, Strofadia, and the West coast of Peloponnese, Messinia and Crete. Sea turtles are an endangered species and they need the help of us all. They are severely threatened by development, both legal and illegal, around and on their nesting beaches. Due to the lack of infrastructure, the pressures of the tourist industry lead to considerable amounts of solid waste, litter, noise, traffic, pollution and coastal degradation. Each year, speedboats kill several turtles in the bay. In the evening, noise from music clubs, low-flying aircraft and the lights, frighten and disorientate nesting turtles and hatchlings. We hope that talking to fishermen, who usually cause the most harm to turtles, will reduce the problem of finding hurt or dead turtles. Sea turtles do not have any predators once they are mature and so their danger of extinction has arisen from human exploitation and hunting (Male turtles have longer and thicker tails !!!).


Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece ‘Archelon’ is in charge of the protection and tag program in Greece.  


MEDASSET–The Mediterranean Association to Save the Sea Turtles is an international non-governmental organization (NGO) founded in 1988,.


Dolphins and whales in Greece

Whales and dolphins appear on many ancient wall paintings, pottery, coins, jewelry etc. In fact, these marine mammals have been a part of Greek civilization for over three and a half thousand years and the science of cytology was indeed founded by the ancient Greeks. The first scientific report on dolphins and whales is Historia Animalium written by Aristotle, and dates back to 350 BC. .


Striped dolphin (Length 2 m, evident beak, Dark grey with black stripes).

The Striped dolphin (Stenella coeruleoalba) is named after the dark bluish-black stripe running across the entire length of the body. In the east Mediterranean the Striped dolphin is the most common and most sighted dolphin.


Common dolphin. (Length 2 m, Downward V-shaped dark mark under the dorsal fin)

The classical Greek dolphin; since 1994 there are two recognized forms: The Common dolphin (Delphinus capensis) and the Short-beaked common dolphin (Delphinus delphis). They prey on schooling fish (e.g. herring, pilchards) and squid. They have been known work in teams when hunting.


Pilot whale

(Length 6 m, round head, body grey to black, low falcate dorsal fin. large groups, prefer open/deep waters)


Mediterranean monk seal (Monachus monachus)

Unfortunately there are only 450-520 individuals remaining, it’s the world's second-rarest seal and the most endangered mammal in the world. It is present in parts of the Mediterranean Sea and around all Greece who has the highest population. Greece has two sea parks (Alonisos Isl. and Zakynthos Isl.) for their protection.


The monk seal, one of the largest seals in the world, grows from approximately 80 cm long at birth up to an average of 2.4 m adult size. Males weigh an average of 315 kg and females weigh 300 kg. They live up to 45 years old, with average life span 20-25 years and reproductive maturity is reached at around age four.  The pups are about a meter long and weigh around 15-18 kilograms. Pregnant monk seals typically use inaccessible undersea caves to give birth now instead of lonely beaches, resulting in high mortality of pups due to extreme conditions. Fur colour is black (males) or brown to dark grey (females). Their belly is white (males) or ochre (females). There is no breeding season, since births take place year round, but there is a peak in October and November. Pups make first contact with the water two weeks after their birth, and are weaned at around 18 weeks of age. The gestation period lasts close to a year.  The feed on a variety of fish and mollusks, octopus, squid, and eat up to 3 kg per day. They forage at depths of 50-70 m. Let’s protect them!  


Messinia Sailing organize eco-tourist cruises in Messinia and Ionian sea. We are at the disposal of any ecologist organization for the protection of Messinia’s flora and fauna.


The destinations are subject to the embarkation/disembarkation points and prevailing weather conditions.

Please ask for further information whilst planning your cruise with us




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The Seas of Messinia

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The Seas of Messinia

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The Seas of Messinia

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