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Messinia, the blessed land: benevolent were the gods who endowed it with so many graces. It towers over the southwestern side of Peloponnese, with countless kilometers of coastline and daunting mountains.


Messinia is proving to be an ideal destination all year around as it promises unique experiences both during summer and winter.

Picturesque beaches that have preserved the gifts of nature and offer them to the visitors. Beaches like the one at Voidokilia (Ox belly), an almost perfectly round bay of fine sand and crystal clear turquoise waters, the Ammos beach of Sapienza Island with the special flora and the beautiful Ibex (Wild goats) to accompany you shyly while they drink the sea water, The beaches of  Methoni , Koroni, the unique beaches of Mani and the isolated beaches of Dikalamos and Finikounta, enchant the visitors.
Sandy beaches, bays along the coastline compose a captivating landscape.


Messinia’s secrets do not end here and some of them have been kept for centuries. Almost unaffected by time, Ancient Messina, one of the most dominant archaeological sites in size, character and preservation, where the mountainous majesty of Delphi blends with the low riverside serenity of Olympia.


The Temple of Apollo Epicure is considered to be an ancient monument of unique beauty that was built around the same time as the Acropolis, a few years after the Victory of Paeonius, around 410 BC, most likely by Iktinus.

Messinia has well preserved monuments from its modern history also, such as the castles of Methoni, Koroni and Pylos. The castle of Methoni is one of the largest in the Mediterranean and through the centuries has been the bone of contention among conquerors, the Francs, the Venetians, the Ottomans. Their identity was kept on the walls of the castle that rise to this day in an environment charged with the memories of the past.


Messinia, however, is not always sweet. It is sometimes dominated by the wild beauty of nature, yet, even then, it always remains beautiful. Neda river, the only river with a feminine name in Greece, with rich vegetation, huge river rocks in its light green waters, waterfalls and towering rocks, seduces all those who visit it.


And finally, this should be Messinia’s secret: Its various faces that so harmoniously interchange. Like a mistress who never allows her beloved one to get tired.


Messinia Sailing will show you all these beauties and many more. Call us to plan your personal excursion and enjoy it!




Overnight Cruise 1 day-1 night

Price: Contact us for prices

cruises messinia


Enjoy the Messinian seas, snorkel in the crystal clear waters, visit a lighthouse ...more

Overnight Cruise 2 days - 1 night

Price: Contact us for prices

cruises messinia


sailing the messinian seas, snorkelling, visit a lighthouse, sunset at sea ...more

Boat & Beach Weddings, Marriage renewals

Price: Contact us for prices

cruises messinia


We can arrange your OWN private marriage party aboard, on the beach or in a little romantic beach tavern or nearby island. ...more

Full Day Sailing Cruise

Price: Contact us for prices

cruises messinia


First thing in the morning, Messinia Sailing departs from our dock in Kalamata or Koroni. Once out of the port, we hoist the sails, cut the engine and head where the wind takes us and towards Kitries Lt.House or Kardamili or Stoupa or Finikounta. ...more

An Authentic Greek Day at Our Farm with a Cooking Lesson & Lunch

Price: Please contact us

cruises messinia


Experience a day full of authentic culture and heritage of Messinia. Ideal for individuals and families with kids ...more

Olives & Virgin Olive Oil Day with lunch at our farm

Price: Please contact us

cruises messinia


Learn all about the secrets of extra virgin olive oil. Taste freshly pressed olive oil. Collect Olives. ...more

Dionysus Wine Day at the Farm with Lunch & Wine

Price: Please contact us

cruises messinia


Walk in the footsteps of Dionysus. Enjoy an introduction to winemaking. ...more

Bee & Honey Day at the Farm with Lunch & Wine

Price: Please contact us

cruises messinia


Learn all about the secrets of honey, taste unique local honey varieties. ...more

Feta, the Oldest Cheese, Day - with Lunch & Wine at the the Farm

Price: Please contact us

cruises messinia


Visit a traditional dairy and take a tour with the owner. Learn all about the production of Messinian cheeses ...more

Ouzo Day with Ouzo & Snacks, Lunch & Wine

Price: Please contact us

cruises messinia


Visit a local distillery Taste traditional local spirits and ouzo accompanied with various delicatessen ...more


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Address: 15 Okas Street
Kalamata 24100
Messinia Boat Bases: Kalamata Main Port Pier 23,
& Koroni Port


Tel: +30 6977 464 602

Tel2: +30 6950 523 370




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