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Kardamili & Stoupa


Kardamili & Stoupa


Kardamili & Stoupa


Kardamili & Stoupa


Kardamili & Stoupa


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Kardamili & Stoupa

Kardamili: Is a town by the sea 35 km from Kalamata. It is the seat of the municipality of Lefktro in the region of Mani.  In the Iliad , Homer cites Kardamyli as one of the seven cities offered by Agamemnon to Achilles as a condition to rejoin the fight during the Trojan War. The village preserves its ancient name.


In the past, the Mani area was known for its fierce inhabitants, who lived in isolated fortified towers, some of which are still present today, either in ruins or restored. The towers offered protection in an area where feuding was common place, built by scions of the Nikliani clans, the mediaeval aristocracy of the Mani. The Troupakis-Mourtzinos clan  dominated the area of Androuvitsa ( the old name for the whole of the Kardamili-Exohori area) from the early 18th century. The clan claim descent from the Byzantine imperial family of the Paleologi. This is reinforced by the plethora of carvings of double headed eagles (the Byzantine and Paleologus family emblem) on churches and houses in the district.


The tower of Mourtzinos was the boiling pot of the Greek revolution and war of Independence. Here, many meetings took place, with the Greek Revolution Leaders as well as with many foreign representatives and members of the various revolutionary organizations. Off course the Mourtzinos family was a pirate family.  Even during the War of Independence the Maniates dabbled in piracy, though they would have it as privateering and there was much argument between the Greeks and the western powers as to the legality of the Greek seizure of foreign ships and this often created intensity.


In the main square of the Old town stands the impressive church of Ag. Spiridon The church was built in the early 18th century .The large church is built into the walls of the fortified site and the building, rather than conforming to a traditional architectural format has been adapted to the local topography and the defensive needs of the village.
Kardamyli is the departure point of many mountain trails, some of which lead to the peak of Mount Taygetus. Nearby is the Viros Gorge, with a total length of 20km.


Kardamyli was, in his later years, the principal home of the British writer Sir Patrick Leigh Fermor, who was made an honorary citizen of the village for his participation in the Greek Resistance during World War II. The ashes of the writer Bruce Chatwin were scattered near a Byzantine chapel above the village in 1989.


Stoupa is part of the municipal unit of West Mani, in Messenia (Called Outer Mani) and the historic region of Mani Peninsula.
Stoupa has literary history. It is where the Greek writer Nikos Kazantzakis met Alexis Zorbas, on whom he based aspects of the main character in the novel Zorba the Greek. There is a bust of Nikos Kazantzakis on the cliff overlooking Kalogria beach, at the corner of the main road and the beach approach. Stoupa is just 7 km away from the historic area of Kardamili, which is mentioned by Homer.


Once a sleepy little town, in the past few years more and more tourists have discovered Stoupa. There are about 20 restaurants lining the road along the beach, a few small hotels, and many houses for rent. Besides Greek tourists, who come mostly in August, British and German tourists are the most frequent visitors. There are a few Dutch, Italian, and French tourists. In the summer season, many charter carriers operate flights to Kalamata bringing package tours.


There are many beaches and coves around the area including Stoupa Beach, which is the most popular and has a good beginner's snorkeling site at the end of the beach. Over the hill is Kalogria Beach, with its turquoise waters and rich marine life. One of the features of Kalogria beach is the up swelling of underground freshwater springs about 100 and 400 m out from the beach. It can be seen as a disturbance on the surface of the sea.


Swim with Messinia Sailing  at the most spectacular beaches: the Kalamitsi, the Ritsa, the Chalikia, the Salios, the Neo Proastio, Foneas. Ag.Dimitrios etc. Explore sea caves and fascinating snorkeling and diving spots with our rib boat.


Upon returning aboard an amazing BBQ of your selection with local cuisine and products waits you. Once you have enjoyed Messinia’s extra virgin oil  we are sure that you will never buy “brand named” foreign rubbish again!.  Enjoy it ! (Captain is little sarcastic today!!)


The destinations are subject to the embarkation/disembarkation points and prevailing weather conditions.

Please ask for further information whilst planning your cruise with us




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Kardamili & Stoupa

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Kardamili & Stoupa

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Kardamili & Stoupa

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Kardamili & Stoupa

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