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Kalamata & Avia

Kalamata is the capital of the prefecture of Messinia. It has a population of 57,620 inhabitants and is situated at the foot of Taygetos in the heart of the Messinian Bay. It lies 242 km from Athens and 215 from Patras. It has a temperate Mediterranean climate with mild winters and hot summers. 


Here is the main basis of Messinia Sailing


The history of Kalamata starts by Homer, who mentions the Fares,the ancient town built around what is now the castle of the city. Kalamata (Farai) had limited importance in ancient times, briefly lying under the rule of Laconia from the mid-eighth century BC mid-fourth century BC. Even after the liberation of Messenia by Thebes under Epaminondas, Pharai was overshadowed, this time from the new capital of the Messenians, Messina. 


The modern name of Kalamata probably comes from the Virgin Mary ‘Κalomata’ (meaning beautiful eyes). It  acquired prestige after the Fourth Crusade (1204 AD), when the castle fell into the hands of the Franks under Geoffrey Villehardouin in 1205, Kalamata was the favorite city of Villehardouins to the point when William Villehardouin ordered it to be called "Kalamata". 


The 1459 Kalamata was occupied by the Ottoman Turks of Mohammed II the Conqueror. In 1464, the castle was occupied by the Venetian Francesco Tanos, but abandoned in 1540 by the Venetians who burned it. In 1685 it was finally destroyed by the Venetian general Morosini, during his victorious campaign in the Peloponnese. Finally it was returned to the Ottomans in 1715 


A major event in the long history of the city is the Liberation from the Turks on March 23, 1821. The Holy Apostles church blessed the revolutionary flag and from here began the War of 1821. From Kalamata the Messinian Senate drew two great texts of the "Statement of Freedom to European Kingdoms’’ and the "Notice" addressed to the Americans. In the late 19th century the port of Kalamata was built, which still operates today, and the city grew and prospered, the so called Marseilles of the Peloponnese. The city came into contact with the West and its culture, and created a middle class that formed a significant cultural and heritage base. In September 1986, Kalamata was hit by two quakes that caused widespread damage and unfortunately victims.  Nevertheless, the city rebuilt quickly from this major disaster. 
Kalamata is the urban, economic and commercial center of the area and the administrative center of the prefecture of Messinia. The beautiful beaches and tourist resorts under the watchful eye of proud Taygetos will amaze you. It has luxurious hotels, an international airport with charter flights in summer, a modern marina and in recent years improved as a tourist destination. 


A city with a lively nightlife and many night clubs and beach bars. 


Kalamata has a college and some academies of the Peloponnese university. International sporting events and an international dance festival take place here.


We are sure that Kalamata’s and nearby Avia’s resorts can be your next touristic destination for your dream vacations, with excellent standards next to the pristine, beautiful nature of Messinia.


Messinia Sailing will be you tireless, polite pilot for all your expectations and interests.




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