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Parties & events for hotels, music clubs

Messinia Sailing  Lives For Today. Plans For Tomorrow. Parties Tonight!


Boat chartering for Beach Music Halls, Clubs, Hotels, Festivals, Restaurants, Taverns, Cafes etc .


You do not have to worry about special permission to play music on the beach or to where to set up your BBQ for your next ‘Sardine party’ or ‘’Full Moon’’ beach party.


  • Your customers will dance with our 3000W music system. (It can wake up the city!)
  • Our laser graphics will play on the top mast, around on the beach and the sea.
  • Do you want our projector to play your video on our sails?
  • Do you want to illuminate the beach with floating candles?
  • Or maybe the sky with fireworks?
  • Do you want to use the boat as a music band platform?
  • Or maybe as a DJ music platform and diving platform for some bikini-girls?


(We will kidnap your DJ to play music from the yacht’s console!! We are not so good with the cables !!!).


We do it all for our passengers!!! YOU just have to charter our boat and all your business customers will be your guests and visitors !!!!!


PAYMENT?   Who gives a dime?    Ha ha ha!!
Call us for clarifications ha ha ha !!!!...
We have more CRAZY ideas!!
We can discuss them alongside your ideas and proposals.
But never forget….!!!!


We are CRAZY,  BUT professional and responsible and ALWAYS thirsty…..for some free cold beers ‘on the house’’

We like to be flexible and to implement any other wishes or requests you may have. Do not hesitate to contact us.
It’s our pleasure!


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Other Sailing Activities


BBQ Menu


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messinia sailing cruise


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Personal Parties & Events


messinia sailing cruise


Messinia Sailing Lives For Today. Plans For Tomorrow. Parties Tonight ...more



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Wind.. Sun.. Sea.. Salt.. Passion!




Address: 15 Okas Street
Kalamata 24100
Messinia Boat Bases: Kalamata Main Port Pier 23,
& Koroni Port


Tel: +30 6977 464 602

Tel2: +30 6950 523 370




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