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Diros Caves

It is considered to be the most beautiful lake cave in the world and the largest known in the country, nearly 3.5 km in length. For its wonderful decoration, which is very rich and colorful caves, it took the first place among the three most beautiful lake caves in the world, the other two are Pantirak southern France and Zaita Beirut. 


There are three different caves: Cave Blychada can be visited, and the caves Alepotrypa and Eat. Discovered by Mr. Peter Arapaki, who explored the first part of the cave, but the systematic exploration started in 1949 by Mr and Mrs John and Anna Petrochilou. The length of the corridors of the cave that is passable for visitors so far is 3,100 m of which only 300m is via land. 


Adorned by stalactites and stalagmites, that form towering masterpieces of unique beauty such as the blanket of Neptune, the dead city, the Crossroads of the Nereids, the Lake of Oceanis, the stone forest, the Episcopal throne, the foot of Neptune, the hall with ancient Greek cloaks, the Pink and White flats with the harp, the Sea of wrecks and the sunken boat, the lounge of Golden rain, the Chocolate Lobby, the Red Lobby and through a channel we see the Leaning Tower opposite to the Manger of Christ, the memorial of the unknown sailor, and the palace of Pluto. Inside the cave flows the underground river Glyfada, which caused the formation of the cave 
All Paleolithic findings from the caves together with  pre-ox and pre-hippopotamus bones are displayed in the nearby Diros Museum.


The journey through this magical world lasts 45 minutes. The cave has a temperature of 18 ° winter - summer, with a floor slightly higher than sea level and most of its surface covered with water, which visited by boat. 


The maximum depth of water is 15.5 m and the temperature 12 °. The hardness of the surface water is 90 °, 180 ° in the middle and 290 °in the bottom. Beneath the cave is the Dirou bay with whitewashed pebbles and crystal clear waters to swim. 

Messinia Sailing is a member of the Diros Museum Friends Club and   Greek Speleological Society –Kalamata branch. If you love the ‘Depths of the Earth’’ or  'you love extreme things to do, come and explore with us the first caves which heard the crying of newborn gods Olympus and discover their secrets. An unfamiliar experience that you will want to repeat again and again. 

Itilo or Voitylo. The famous pirate lair of Mani and the base of the pirate Gerakaris.  The Pirates festival performed here every year and Messinia Sailing participates in remembrance of all those nautical legends of our seas. 
• Stories about prominent Byzantine families who settled here. 
• For the migration of Mani people  to Corsica and Genoa. 
• For the Russian Fleet Admiral Theodore Orlov who anchored here in 1770 and signed the agreement for the first Greek revolution against Turks in the monastery of Ntekoulou,.  

We will be glad to organize your first or next speleological  excursion. 




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